Polymer Clay – Trumpet Angel Jar

Polymer Clay – Trumpet Angel Jar

Create an adorable jar for Christmas with the pattern of a angel blowing a trumpet.

What you need

Polymer Clay/Fimo Clay
Empty Glass Jar with Metal lid
Basic Clay Tools, knife, rolling pin etc.
Oven for curing clay.
Oven tray.


Angel blowing trumpet pattern

You can use any sized jar you have on hand for this project, just alter the pattern template by enlarging in a image program or with a photo copier.

Select which colors you would like each segment in and roll it out flat and thin. Cut out the paper patterns with scissors and lay them out onto the clay. Cut around each pattern with a knife or craft blade.

You can mark out details and texture with a skewer or needle.

Cover the metal screw lid with a sheet of clay and cut off any access. Mold the clay around the lid with your fingers until it is smooth.

A handy trick is if you can not get it smooth then add extra texture by pressing your needle, lace or other items into the lid to disguise your finger prints or unevenness.

Press the pattern pieces onto the jar as shown in the diagram and in the picture. Once finished bake your jar as per the directions on your brand of clay.

Once cooled you can varnish the clay with clay varnish.

We recommend only hand washing this Christmas Craft Jar.


  1. This pretty little angel girl looks like she’s very doable and the illustrations seem to support my assumptions. When I try my hand at this (don’t hold yur breath!!) I’ll leave a note on my results. Any ideas how to make angel look neat from the back side looking in thru the clear jar? Maybe another scene on the opposite side either in or outside jar!?? I’m going to check back on this one! Cool ideas get 5☆’s!!!!

  2. very creative….

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