Polymer Clay – Tool Set

Polymer Clay – Tool Set

This polymer clay tutorial shows you how to make your own customized personal craft tool sets. It is a perfect craft for mother's or father's day.

What you need

Assorted plain craft tools
Polymer clay
Rolling pin
Oven for baking


You need to choose tools that do not contain plastic, therefore they will not melt when placed in the hot oven to cure the clay.

Start by rolling out your clay to make it pliable.

Wrap it around the handles of your tools. Use matching colors to add embellishments like flowers.

Remember these are handles so don’t get too carried away with your design or it will not be practical to hold.

You are only limited by your imagination on this project so take the idea and make it your own.



  1. I actually was wondering the same thing if they would crack and break off. I know I have made plenty of polymer clay working tools but wondered about the wear n tear on heavy duty tools.

  2. They are definitely cute, BUT, if they are tools that are actually used, won’t the clay crack and break off with useage? My son did this to a Zippo lighter cover years ago and it eventually broke off.

  3. Que linda idea!!!!
    Mil gracias por compartir 🙂

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