Polymer Clay – Easter Bunny Tile

Polymer Clay – Easter Bunny Tile

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What you need

Polymer clay pink, purple, etc. or any color of your choice
Acrylic roller or wooden dowel
Clay knife or plastic knife
Rubber stamps with design of your choice make sure it has deep set design to press into the clay.
Cookie or Fondant cutters Squares, circles (optional) – clay dedicated
Acrylic paint colors of your choice
Paper towels
Magnet or pin back
Work surface ceramic tile, file folder or wax paper
Oven for baking


This Polymer Easter craft project shows you how to make an adorable Easter Bunny Tile that can be used as a magnet, brooch or pop a hole in it for a funky necklace.


It is recommended to use a clay – only oven (toaster oven).  You can also enclose your project inside two baking pans; clamp closed & bake in regular oven.  Remove once cooled.

Condition your clay by rolling and squeezing in your hands.  Test to see if it cracks when you bend it – that means it needs more conditioning!

Roll the clay into a ball, flatten & roll out to desired thickness with your acrylic roller or dowel (You can also use a clay dedicated pasta machine).

Using your rubber stamp, stamp the clay with your image – be sure to press evenly.  It may take a few tries.

Use your cookie cutter to cut a shape around the image – you can also trim with your clay knife instead.

Bake according to manufacturer’s directions and let cool.

Brush on a thick coat of acrylic paint, making sure you get into the depressions.

Wipe off excess with a paper towel.  You may need to repeat this process.
Let the paint dry thoroughly – overnight is best.

Glaze if desired.  I use varathane – found in most hardware stores.  For small projects, use the clay manufacturer’s glaze.  The bottles are smaller & more affordable!

Attach a magnet or pin back to the back with glue.
Enjoy or give as a gift!
Experiment with different size cutters  & stamp designs for a variety of projects!!!


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