Polymer Clay Bad Bat Bracelet

Polymer Clay Bad Bat Bracelet

This bracelet looks like it could be made from obsidian or thick leather, but it’s really made from regular old polymer clay. Surprise! The bat makes this a perfect accessory for a Halloween party but it’s more than just a costume prop. The look is tough and chic, and it will bring out your inner rock star each time you wear it.

What you need

Black polymer clay
Black acrylic paint
Clear acrylic spray
9 mm silver jump rings
Black Stretch Magic cord
Silver beads
Jewelry glue (or gel-style Super Glue)


Wedge the clay and roll it to 3/16 thickness. The measurement is important; too thin and the pieces might break, too thick and you can’t get them joined.

Cut out a bat shape that is no longer than the flat part of your wrist. Keep the overall size in proportion to your hand and wrist. You can draw a pattern if you prefer perfect symmetry but a slightly imperfect shape adds  hand-made appeal. Start by cutting a triangle in the center which is the head and body of the bad and form the wings from there. Each wing should be cut into two pieces.

Form two holes near the edge of each piece (read the “exception” first) with a toothpick or similar tool. These are connection holes for the jump rings.

Exception: The outer-most edge of the end pieces of each wing should have only one hole, not two.

Bake the clay according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Hint: Cut and bake at least one extra set of bat pieces in case of breakage.

Allow the clay to cool. Paint it with black paint. To seal, spray with a coat of clear acrylic paint when the black paint is thoroughly dry. Reshape the holes with your pick.

Join the pieces with jump rings.

Cut two 10-inch pieces of Stretch Magic. Fold one piece of cord in half and loop it over the outer-most single jump ring on one end. Pull the loose ends through the loop and attach a small dot of glue to secure. Slide a single bead on top of the glue and let the glue dry. Repeat on the other side.

Measure your wrist to determine the finished length of the bracelet. Add beads to the cord as desired. Tie the two ends of the cord in a surgeon’s knot and apply a dab of glue. Cover the knot with an additional bead. It will look like a charm hanging off the end of the bracelet. Trim off excess cording.

Polymer Clay Bat Bracelet

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