Pokemon GO PokeBall Pom Pom

Pokemon GO PokeBall Pom Pom

This Pokemon GO tutorial shows you how to make a pom pom Pokemon GO Pokeball for hanging on bags or in cars. Have fun catching them all!

What you need

Red & white wool
Black felt 1 inch x 30 cm
White felt scrap
Craft Glue



For this tutorial you will make a pom pom using the classic pom pom making method.

Using recycled cardboard, cut circles out of two pieces of card. Then cut the inside circle out as shown in the picture.

Next you will need to wrap the wool around and around until it is thick and firm. You need to complete half the circle red and half the circle white.

Once you have finished and your pom pom is thick, cut a piece of wool 10 inch long to secure it. I will refer to this as the tying off string.

Have your tying off string ready to use in your hand.

Carefully cut the pom pom by sliding the tip of your scissors between the two pieces of card as shown.

As you cut, slide the string between the two pieces of card. Once you have cut all the way around and the string is secure, pull tight and tie off. This holds all the pieces together and forms the centre.

Finish it off by fluffing up the pom pom and cutting off any irregular strands.

Complete the Pokemon Pokeball by attaching the black belt band in the middle. I did this using 1 inch of black felt and a white circle. Glue in place.

All ready to play Pokemon GO!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!