Knitted Pocket Yellow Fireman

Knitted Pocket Yellow Fireman

This knitting pattern shows you how to knit a very cute fireman - perfect for little pockets or little hands. He is 6.5 inch tall.

What you need

Small amount of gold/ navy blue/ white/ pink/ flesh/ and black Double Worsted (8 ply) Wool
Size 5 US (9 UK) (3.75 mm) needles.
Toy Filling/Wadding


Using gold cast on 13 stitches.

Knit twice into every stitch (26 stitches).

Stocking stitch 16 rows.

Change to navy blue

Stocking stitch 24 rows.

Change to flesh.

Stocking stitch 12 rows.

Change to gold

Stocking stitch 18 rows

Purl 2 together to the end (13 stitches)

Cut off yarn leaving a long length thread the yarn through the stitches draw up and secure

Stitch down the back leave a gap to fill your toy then close up.

To make the hat brim

Using gold cast on 35 stitches

Stocking stitch 4 rows

( knit 2 together knit 5) to the end (30 stitches)

Cast off.

Stitch the two sides together to make a ring

Stitch the cast off edge to the helmet

Make the chin strap with a chain made from the gold wool and stitch into place

With your fingers nip the top of the helmet together to make a ridge then stitch in place with some gold wool.

Gather around the neck with a running stitch pull slightly to separate the head from the body  use your black wool to make the eyes and your pink wool to make the mouth.

Make the buttons with your white wool (making French knots).

The badge on the hat is a star made from some of the white wool with a French knot in any color on top ( I used brown).

All done!


  1. Cutie!!!!!

  2. Just made this it was great! My boyfriend is a fireman and he loved his little mascot! ❤️

  3. it is so cool i am going to make a bunch for all my friends and me!

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