Plushie – Ollie Octopus

Plushie – Ollie Octopus

This plushie soft toy pattern shows you how to sew your very own adorable character we called "Ollie Octopus". He is around 10" tall. He is a little sad as he only has 5 legs.

What you need

Felt or Polar Fleece Material
Toy Wadding/Filling
Embroidery thread
Needle and thread


Start by downloading the Octopus Pattern.

For the body cut 2 14″ (25.5 cm) circles. Mark out 5 points them scoop from one point to another as shown in the diagram.

octopus pattern


Cut 2 star shapes out of your fabric one in the main color and one in contrast.

Stitch around you head piece in blanket stitch and leave an opening at the bottom and fill with wadding.

Now stitch around your star shape in blanket stitch. Cut a circle in one side; the same color as the head. The circle must be the same diameter as the bottom of your head. This way it will slip into place once your star has been filled with wadding.

Next put your head in place sitting it down into the hole, now stitch around connecting your head to the body.

Decorate your face. These can be glued on or sewn with small stitches.


  1. Hi, this octopus looks F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C but the materials list is covered by the octopus and I cant make it because I dont really get the instructions so could you pleease do the pictures step by step like the platypus??? And I would be grateful if you made cut out templates aswell. Thank You!!! I cant WAIT to make this!! Ollie looks so cute. Please hurry!!! Ollie just looks sooo cool

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