Paper Plate Letter Holder

Paper Plate Letter Holder

This quick kids craft shows you how to make the perfect little Mother's day craft project using paper plates.

What you need

2 Paper or plastic plates
Sticker embellishments
Craft Glue


Start by taking 2 plates.

Cut 1 plate in half. You can use plain paper plates for group activities to reduce costs or use decorative designer paper plates for a more decorative finish.

Glue your half plate to the full plate by applying glue around the uncut edges.

Paper Plates Letter Holder

Once the glue is dried you can decorate your letter holder with ribbons, stickers, glitter or paints.

Decoration techniques can vary depending on your child’s skill levels.

Finish off by adding a ribbon loop to the top for hanging or some large magnets to the back for a fridge organizer.


  1. this was fun for the grandkids to give to mom lol there only (three girl)(six boy) lol

  2. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think it is fantastic,fabulous,perfect.
    I would give you ten stars if i could.


  5. So cute

  6. easy and feasible .. thanks

  7. it`s very nice

  8. i really like it!
    you have some really nice things!

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