Plushie – Jack O Lantern

Plushie – Jack O Lantern

The easiest Jack-O-Lantern made from fabric.

What you need

Orange felt (two sheets),
brown felt,
black felt,
polyester stuffing,
black thread,
sewing machine,
and hot glue gun.


Pin the two sheets of orange felt together and trace an oval slightly larger than you would like your jack-o’-lantern to be.

Cut around the line, not on it, allowing a little edge.

cut the orange fabric

Sew along the line leaving a hole about and inch and a half wide at the top.

sew around the edges

Turn the jack-o-lantern inside out and stuff as firm as you would like.

stuff firmly

Cut 2 rectangles of brown felt for the stem, cut them slightly larger than you want the stalk to be and sew them together.

cut brown felt and sew

Turn the stem inside out and then stuff it.

stuff stem

Sew the stem into place on the Jack-o-Lantern.

sew stem in place

Using black felt cut out the face and secure into place with glue.

All done!


  1. So cute and easy!

  2. so very cute and easy

  3. wow! very easy to make!

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