Plushie – Cuddle Doll

Plushie – Cuddle Doll

This sewing pattern shows you how to make a simple cuddle doll that is 10 inch (20 cm) tall.

What you need

30cm x 30cm piece of Polar fleece (colour of you choice)
Small piece of white felt (for the face)
Small amount of toy fill.


Step 1: Print off the Cuddle Doll Pattern.

Step 2: Stitch the white face on one of the body pieces.

Step 3: Now with the face facing inwards stitch the two body pieces together, leave a gap for turning.

Step 4: Once you have turned and filled your doll stitch up the gap.

Step 5: Either embroider or mark your face out with permanent marker pens. Use the picture for directions.

All done!


  1. Cute doll I built one for my gramma for Christmas

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