Plushie – Big Pyramid Pete

Plushie – Big Pyramid Pete

This easy sewing project shows you how to make a plushie/soft toy called Big Pyramid Pete who has his very own handle so kids can drag him or hang him around the place. He is 18" not including his dangle legs.

What you need

Felt, Fabric
Toy Wadding
Sewing supplies
Embroidery Thread
Toy Filling/Wadding


Start by printing the pattern here.

Big Pyramid Pete Pattern 1

Big Pyramid Pete Pattern 2

Cut 4 triangles for the body. Cut 3 14″x 12″ wide (35.5 x 30.5 cm) and cut 1 2″x 14″ (5 x 35.5 cm) and cut it down the middle to separate the two halves. This is the back of the body.

Cut 2 legs 6″ x 17″. (15 x 43 cm).

Cut 2 boots, placing the back of the boot to the fold.

For the hat cut 2 large circles and 1 small.

Cut 1 base 12.” x 12″ (30.5 x  30.5 cm) for the base.

Stitch the legs down the length and turn inside out and fill with toy wadding.

Stitch the boots together placing the legs into the boots around 1/2″ inside and securing with stitches.

Make a hangup with felt by cutting a piece 12″ x 2″ (30.5 cm x 5 cm) fold it width ways and stitch with a blanket stitch.

Sew 3 triangles together, then sew the two half triangles together leaving a gap 3″ (7.5 cm) from the bottom and a second opening 5″ above that.

Sew the handle into place.

Sew your legs into place at the front when your sew your base into position.

Fill with wadding and stitch closed.

Hat: Stitch the 2 large circles together using blanket stitch , cut a hole into the center  Stitch the small circle to the oblong piece to form a tube. Fill with wadding and stitch to the large circle. Push it through the hole slightly for a better finish. Place it on top of the head and stitch into place.

Decorate with some flowers or lace if you like.

Add shoe laces to the shoes with embroidery thread or ribbon.

Finish the face by sewing the pattern pieces into position as shown in the photograph.


  1. SO CUTE

  2. Awsome! Thank you for sharing such a cute pattern!

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