Plush Letter Pillows DIY

Plush Letter Pillows DIY

Create these Plush Letter Pillows using this tutorial! These are perfect gifts for children, but also make fabulous home decor!

What you need

Various cotton fabrics, 1/2 yd each
Polyester pillow stuffing
Sewing machine and supplies
Disappearing ink fabric marker


1. Iron fabrics smooth, and choose a different fabric for each letter.
2. Fold fabric in half  (to get two opposite letters of the same fabric, the front and the back) and draw out letters. To make the letters all the same size, measure and mark points for the top and bottom of each letter. For example, make all letters 10 inches tall.
3. Cut all letters out.
4. To sew and stuff each letter, sew, with wrong sides together, almost all the way around each letter, leaving a small whole to stuff in the pillow stuffing.
For curvy letters, it helps to sew the inside curves first, then stuff, and then sew the outside, straight lines.
5. Trim strings and excess fabric and spell out a name!

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