Playing Card Wallet

Playing Card Wallet

This wallet is perfect for holding cash money and you can easily customize it for your style.

What you need

Playing Cards
Duck Tape
Clear Packing Tape


1) First you pick out 16 cards from a recycled deck of cards. Then take three cards and duck tape them so they form a sheet. You then do this same thing 3 more times.

2) With the 4 remaining cards you tape 2 together so it is the same length of the rest of the sheets. Now you have 4 sheets with 3 cards and 2 sheets with 2 cards. Before moving on laminate the sheets with the packing tape.

3) Now take 3 of the sheets with 3 cards and tape them together to form a square of nine(make sure that you are able to bend the new sheet at where you joined the cards together). Now you have the outside of the wallet.

4) Take the last sheet of three and tape it to the middle section in the inside of the wallet, but leave on end open(these will serve as pockets for money). Then take one of the last 2 sheet and place it right on the outside edge of the wallet and tape it leaving an opening on the outside edge. Then with the last sheet place it an inch below the previous pocket.and tape to create the last pocket.

5) If you want you can take a magnet or piece of velcro the sheets to close the wallet.

You are now finished.

You now have a fancy card wallet. Like I said before you can customize this pattern to fit what you want to put in your wallet and to fit your style.
Have Fun!! 😀


  1. Mine kinda turned out like a mini purse but it still works great!!

  2. This wallet idea is so awesome!!!! It we be much cheaper than buying a wallet even though I’m not the crafty type! 😀

  3. excellent idea xx was looking for some new projects and this is ideal

    thanks x

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