Choir Angel Gypsy Easter Eggs

Choir Angel Gypsy Easter Eggs

Choir Angel Easter Eggs that will bring out the gypsy in you! This tutorial shows you how to make adorable little Gypsy "free spirit" Easter eggs.

What you need

Plastic Easter eggs
Gold Chain
Craft glue
marker pen


I got carried away with making these little bohemian gypsy eggs. They are so adorable and different than anything else out there.

Start by painting your plastic eggs or real eggs. I used a soft teal to match my decor.

I created the chain using an old junk jewelry necklace. I just created a loop big enough to sit on the forehead of the Egg.


Glue it in place and add the little flowers for decoration.

I used a marker pen to paint an angel or choir angel style face on to the egg.

Finish off by putting them in a Easter basket.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!