Plaster Candle Plate

Plaster Candle Plate

This candle plate is easy to make and is ideal for placing under your candles when burning. They are so cheap to make that you can throw them away with all the melted wax on them as soon as your candle finishes.

What you need

Plaster of paris
Icecream Container
Assorted Paints


Start by making up your plaster of paris using the instructions found on your brand of plaster.

Take your plastic icecream container and fill it between 1cm and 2 cms thick with plaster of paris. Any less and you risk the plate being too fragile.

Once the plaster as set pop it out of the mold and choose the smoothest side which should be the side that was on the bottom of the container.

Take your paint and paint on a design that suits your decor.

I simply added a Asian character but you could add a decal, printed image or just leave it white.

All done!


  1. easy for babysitting ideas

  2. what a great idea! im going to make one for my mum for mothers day!

  3. simple neat and good

  4. i think i will try it!!!!

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