Pinecone Ski-man

Pinecone Ski-man

Perfect for Christmas crafting with the kids, make a figurine of a skier using pine-cone, felt and pom-pom.

What you need

3 pom poms
2 small 5mm beads
2 paddle pop/Ice cream sticks
polystyrene ball or wood bead
aprox 2 inch in size.


Start by taking the felt and cutting a semi circle big enough to cover the head. Around 2.5 inch in diameter but you can measure it against the head.

Glue the hat together and glue a pom pom onto the top. Take the skewers and glue the beads onto the ends. cut them to length depending on the height of your pine cone.

Glue these into the pine cone around where you would expect his arms to be.

Glue the paddle pop/ice cream sticks onto the bottom of the pine cone for the ski’s.

Glue the hat onto the head and draw a face onto the bead or ball.

Use the felt to make a scarf and add the pom poms to the ends.

Using fake craft snow add some snow to the hat and the ski’s.

The smaller one is made using a small pine-cone and looks just as cute.
The main image was shared by Lou B, thanks for sharing your variation Lou.

Christmas Skier

Xmas Sking Man


  1. i am gatherin supplies but I do not see eveything I need in your list,. Can you expand please.. Love these

  2. this is cute! Kevin

  3. Cute! Children would enjoy making them…Kind Regards, Ada.

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