Peppermint Body Candy

Peppermint Body Candy

This free bath and body recipe project shows you how to make your very own homemade beauty products for 10 small peppermint candies.

What you need

1/3 cup of sugar
Green Food Coloring
1/2 tsp of Coconut oil
10 drops of peppermint oil

Makes 10 small peppermint candies


This peppermint candy is made using the solid sugar scrub recipe.

Mix all the ingredients together and then roll into small balls. And allow them to dry for 24-48 hours.

Wrap the dried balls up in squares of cellophane to look like a candy.

To Use: Unwrap the candy and scrub it over your body to exfoliate and stimulate.



  1. to some of your questions about using another oil: coconut oil works because it is solid below 76 degrees. i don’t think other oils would bind properly.

    i’m sure the sugar also helps the candy to stay together, but would definitely keep the candies in the fridge until ready to use… especially if you live in a warmer climate. the oil will melt as soon as you put it in your hands.

    coconut oil is divine for the skin and smells lovely. it also has a very long shelf life and does not usually go rancid. i don’t think adding sugar would affect it, but i would keep them in the fridge anyway if for anything so the oil doesn’t get soft/melt.

    extracts have alcohol and would not be as good for the skin.

    also, if you are using a colorant, i’d use one that was made for body products. comercial food coloring could stain your skin and your tub. who wants to clean the tub after a relaxing bath/shower? i leave them out in my products.

    i think i need to try this one out. it’s a cute idea.

  2. Can I sub peppermint extract for peppermint oil?

  3. Could I sub in olive oil for the coconut oil?

  4. Me and my sister tried the lip balm and it works awesome its easy to make and fun it’s a great thing to do if you are baby sitting and it only uses two foods and a microwave. How awesome is that?!?

  5. I could not get the “candies” to stick together in a ball. We decided that we would put it in nice jars instead. I was wondering if the amount of oil was correct as we added more oil and was happier with results.

  6. will this go moldy if kept out for awhile????? i love the idea but i wanted to make some for gifts… id just hate to make a bunch, for them to go bad before i can give them!

  7. do u have 2 use coconut oil ? would almound oil work just as well?

  8. These are great I use them once a week to remove dead skin.

  9. why would I want to rub that all over me like ooooooowwww

  10. Instead of small candies, could you make larger ones>

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