Pendant – Buttons

Pendant – Buttons

I purchase my buttons from Wal-Mart, Oriental Trading and flea markets and the rest of my supplies from Oriental Trading.

What you need

Large different shape and color flat buttons.

Medium different shape and color flat buttons

Small different shape and color flat buttons

Jewelry glue or good craft glue

Braiding Cord in different colors

A drill and a small drill bit

Lobster claps


Button Necklace

I first lay out my pattern for the necklace.

Then I drill a hole in the button at the top to insert ring for your cording.

I glue the middle button to the big button and let dry then I glue the small button on top of the big and middle button and let dry.

Then I add my cording thru the ring and add the lobster clap.

I also buy buttons like the smiley face and cut off the back connector that you would use if you were sewing button on a garment and sand down to its flat on the back so you can glue it to a bigger button.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!