Pearl Bead Cuff

Pearl Bead Cuff

This tutorial shows you how to add pearl beads to a cuff bracelet using wire wrapping techniques.

What you need

Wire skeleton cuff (floral design)
Non-tarnish wire gauge 22-24. 65 cms long.
12 pcs. ofsquare mother of pearl shell beads (purple)
9 pcs. of black crystals
Flat nose pliers
Wire cutter
Bent nose pliers (optional)




Slide mother of pearl bead into the beading wire up to 20 cms.

Fold the wire towards the back of the bead, and then wrap

the wire 3 times at the base of the bead.

String the second bead using the longer wire.  Fold towards the back of the bead.

Wrap the wire 3 times at the base of the bead and repeat the same procedure for the next 2 more shell beads. There should be four shell beads strung together

Holding on to the longer wire, connect the 4th bead to the 1st bead by wrapping the longer wire to the base of the 1st shell bead. 

String a crystal into the longer wire and wrap it around the center of the flower 2 times. 

Repeat the same procedure for the next 2 more crystals. Remember to wrap the wires on different petal intervals, so that the volume of the wire is evenly distributed.

As soon as you’re done with the 1st flower, create 2 more, to complete your set of 3.


Take one of the three finished flowers and cross both wires at the back and lay them flat at the cuff. 

Wrap the 1st wire 2 times over the flower and cuff, then do the same to the 2nd(shorter) wire in opposite direction.


Wrap excess wire to the metal cuff. Cut excess wire with wire cutter and flatten the tip using bet nose pliers. Do the same to the 2nd wire, wrap at the bottom part of the cuff. 


Repeat the same procedure to the other 2 flowers






  1. I would love to make this bracelet, but where would I find the materials?

  2. So creative! Would love to do it by myself 🙂

  3. This project looks AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to give it a try!

  4. Wow! This is nice. I will try to create this one. Thanks!

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