Glass Jar Lampshade

Glass Jar Lampshade

Make a lampshade using glass containers and paints.

What you need

Glass containers of any size(I have used 2 simple square containers).
glass liner
glass paints


First you’ll need to clean and dry the glass containers.ย Then based on the pattern you like, you can either draw free hand designs with a glass liner on the outside of the glass or can take the help of any templates to draw.

Leave it dry for 45 minutes.

Once dry you can fill in glass colors as per your choice or the design requirement,when the design’s done,leave it to dry for half a day.

NOTE:After coloring, the container should not be moved, as there is the chance the paints may flow out of the liner(design). It should be untouched until dry.

After it’s dry, a small bulb in a holder can be placed inside to use it as a lampshade or try using a battery operated light or small tea-light candle.

(I have used 2 containers, placed them one over the other to create a different effect.


  1. awesome idea, no matter what other people are saying!!!!!

  2. I cannot believe they paid you for this submission, 2 jars stacked on top of eachother, how unique is that? dumb idea.

  3. Do you raise the jar up on something to let air in, so the candle can burn?

  4. DIS IZZ GREAT………..

  5. i think this design needs further thinking.

  6. Yeah, what they said about venting the heat how do you do that with both of the jars enclosed on each other good idea but you might need to work on some tid bits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. looks good!

  8. I love recycling and this is such a good idea. it’s good for people of any age to help recycle, if all lamp shades were like this we wopuldnt have a problem. I really like the idea once agfain yours turned out so pretty

  9. a candle won’t burn without oxygen. Also, would put something round the middle as still looks like 2 jars, one on top of the other

  10. interesting

  11. very creative

  12. creative and eye catching!

  13. cute!

  14. Don’t you need to vent the heat from the bulb or a candle?

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