DIY Teachers School Supply Cake

DIY Teachers School Supply Cake

This DIY tutorial is perfect for a back to School teacher gift

What you need

Teacher Supplies
Round cardboard boxes,
one smaller than the other.
Craft Glue


This tutorial shows you how to make a School supply cake. I am not going to tell you exactly what supplies to buy as that leaves it open for you to get supplies that you can afford and that your child’s classroom needs.

My only advice is to pick items that are identical for the base of each layer as this makes the Supply cake really POP!.

As you can see by this cake the base has been painted black like a chalkboard, You can use any base color or even patterned boxes.

Start by laying out your designs and supply to see what works well and where. I like to have a Front to make cakes as this allows for gaps in different sized supplies to be hidden at the back.

I also like to use double-sided sticky tape to hold items in place, this is especially good for the marker pens as removing them is easy once the cake is dismantled.

Want more layers? You can use more boxes or use a large tall paper towel roll, add the glue sticks to the papertowel with some tape or use a tub of coffee in the middle (for the teacher of course)



This School supply tutorial uses decorative Back to school Ribbon. 

This tutorial was shared by Amanda T and we thought it was awesome and well worth featuring.

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