Quick Craft Idea: Pasta Paper Maracas

Quick Craft Idea: Pasta Paper Maracas

This pasta paper maracas project is a fun idea that children can make on their own. It is a quick craft that is great for a last minute noise maker.

What you need

Dry pasta


Extend the craft time by having the children draw or decorate the paper.

First, make rectangle paper tubes.

Then tape the long ends together and tape a circle piece of paper to one end of the paper tube.

Put the pasta inside and then tape another circle to the other end.

(adult supervision required for kids under the age of 5).


  1. scrapexpress says

    I don’t like the way it looks and a paper towel roll will give you the same sound with a better look.

  2. this can also be done with a toilet paper or paper towel roll (empty) and cupcake/muffin holders on each end held with elastics, and instead of dry pasta, you can also use bird seed, or both.

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