Paper Turkey Centerpiece

Paper Turkey Centerpiece

This Thanksgiving day project shows you how to make a Turkey centerpiece using paper scraps and glue.

What you need

2 pieces of white scrap paper, 1-8″x11″,1-5″ x 8″ (writing on 1 side)
1 thin piece of cardboard 8″ x 11″ (cereal box type)
Paints (or markers, crayons, etc…), scissors, stapler, hot glue
Mod Podge(optional)
Turkey Pattern (see link)


Step 1: Color both pieces of paper (use paint,markers,crayons,etc…).


Step 2: Print and cut out the pattern,trace patterns onto the cardboard,cut out.Color the pieces of cardboard to match the picture or what ever you choose…


Step 3: Hot glue pieces to body (slightly bend the beak/eyes so the eyes seperate before glueing) starting at about 3/4″ from the top of the head.Fold the body back and press hard


Step 4: Make fans using the colored pieces of paper and glue to base placing the smaller one next to the body and the larger piece in the back.


Lean the body back onto the fans and done!


  1. I think the instructions could be a hell of a lot better

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