Paper Origami: Make A Succulent Plant

Paper Origami: Make A Succulent Plant

This paper origami tutorial will show you how to make a paper cactus succulent. All you need is some cardstock paper to get started!

What you need

Card-stock paper, Scissors, Pencil, Leaf template and Glue.


step (1)

Step (1): Choose and draw a leaf pattern. Draw that pattern in 4-5 different sizes. Place the leaf templates on a card-stock paper and trace around the edges. Cut out the leaves neatly.

step (2)

Step (2): Time to make the main stem. This one’s super easy! Simply cut out a rectangular piece out of the card-stock and roll it to make the main stem.

step (3)

Step (3): Start gluing the leaves from the bottom. Glue the larger leaves around the bottom. Glue 5-6 larger leaves around the bottom.

step (4)

Step (4): The rest of the leaves are 4 in number. Keep gluing the smaller ones while moving towards the top. Rotate each layer of leaves so that the bottom layer can be seen from the top view. Allow the glue to dry in case you’re using craft glue or white glue.


  1. it’s very cute! going to make mini version for dollhouse

  2. I think it’s cute! Not oragami but great idea!

  3. I agree LouAnn, this is not origami! Origami is the art of paper folding, You do not cut out and glue.

  4. Why do you call this origami? I thought origami was paper folding…not cut out and glue.

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