Classroom Activity: Paper Kazoo

Classroom Activity: Paper Kazoo

Kids in a classroom will love this activity of creating a paper kazoo!

What you need

Empty toilet roll
Greaseproof paper
Rubber band
Decorating materials


Cut out a square of greaseproof paper.

Fit this over one end of the toilet roll and secure with the rubber band.

Using a pencil poke a hole into the middle of the greaseproof paper.

Hold the open end of the roll against your lips and sing or yell.

We decorated our kazoo above with wrapping paper, but you could have the kids decorate it with paper, fabric or just paints.


  1. WOW THANKS!!! Its what i really needed to play the chipmunk song

  2. Wow!

  3. Very good for my music project!

  4. This is great 4 little kids who can express themselves artistically and musically.

  5. Miss World says

    awesome for kids! will make it with them over the weekend 🙂 I’m sure they’ll love it! thank you!

  6. really good 4 a little kid who wants a band or a kid who is bored or even making at a party just DO NOT blow out of the side with the greaseproof paper (which is really waxed paper)

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