Paper Diaper

Paper Diaper

Creating a paper diaper is easy. When you have this template!

What you need

Pink paper


Download the paper diaper template first.

Cut out the template along the outside lines. Fold along the inside fold lines.

Overlap the ends to form a nappy.

Write a message inside then using some ribbon or a nappy pin secure the two ends closed like a nappy.


  1. Is It Easy?????????????????
    As I Havn’t Made It Yet

  2. it looks like a pice of folded paper

  3. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. It doesn’t look like a diaper enough to me.

  5. it doesn’t look like a diaper

  6. PatrioticPrincess says

    I’ve seen this done with felt and a tiny safety pin…too cute! It was made into a game and the persone with the poop (brown marker smudge) in the diaper won.

  7. I don’t think that looks like a diaper at all. Maybe if you used felt and a saftey pin…

  8. Culver1301 says

    These will be made out of white felt with a pink diaper pin! Will use as name tags!

  9. i cannot seem to get mine to resemble the photo you have provided.. anyone have suggestions??

  10. this will make an inexpensive baby shower game (use paper towels as the diaper and fasten with safety pin)

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