Owl Pajama Case

Owl Pajama Case

This sewing project shows you how to sew an adorable owl pajama case perfect for storing last nights PJ's on the bed.

What you need

You will need three or four colours of Polar fleece – around 1/2 a meter/yard in total

Small scraps of felt in tan / white / black


Step 1: Start by downloading the Pajama Case Pattern.

Step 2: Cut out your owl using the template

Step 3: Begin by sewing your eyes on – first sew the colored section, then the white section, followed by the black circles. These can be either hand sewn or machined on.

Step 4: Sew your beak pieces together and then fill slightly with toy fill. If you have no toy fill then you can use some small scraps of Polar fleece which will still make it washable. Pin into position before stitching as it will make it much easier to keep straight.

Step 5: Sew on your tummy piece and then sew your feet pieces together. The stitching is on the outside so you do not need to turn them. They should be positioned at the bottom of the body (facing inwards). Pin into place at this stage.

Owl Case

Step 6: Lay your two back pieces flat on the table and position them so that one section sits over the other. You can either sew press studs or hook & loop on each edge.

Step 7: Pin into position. Then with your pieces facing inwards stitch you back pieces to the front piece crossing the two back pieces over each other to form a pillow case opening

Step 8: Stitch the feet in as you go.

Step 9: Stitch around your wings leaving a gap for turning (Do Not Fill). Pin them into position and hand sew them to the body.

And you’re finished!

Optional: You can make this as a cushion, just make the back in one piece and complete as for the case.

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