Orthodontic Rubber Band Bracelets

Orthodontic Rubber Band Bracelets

Do you know someone who wears braces? Do you?

What you need

Small orthodontic rubber bands or child’s mini elastic hair bands


This fun craft is made from orthodontic rubber bands that most patients eventually have to wear if they have braces.

Start collecting…and start creating! Wash the rubber bands and make sure they are clean.  Discard any that look like they are about to break or are thin in some areas.

Knots the bands together in any order using the knot in the website below.(supposed to be for fishing…but, hey…its works! lol)globalflyfisher.com/fishbetter/loops2.htm

Keep knotting until you have a chain long enough to go around your wrist, make into an anklet, or anything else you come up with!

Have fun <3

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