Earrings Made From Tire Tube

Earrings Made From Tire Tube

A quirky recycled project. Earrings made from tire tubes - and they are so easy as well!

What you need

Old Bicycle Inner Tube
Jump Rings
Earring Hook
Hole Punch


1. Cut your inner tube so that it is no longer in a circle. Also cut it up 1 side so that it is no longer a tube.

2. On the back of your inner tube, draw out 10 small flowers, no bigger than 1′.

Flowers On tube

3. Cut them out.

Cut Flowers

4. Taking 1 of your flowers, Punch a 1/8th or smaller hole 1 of the petals. Repeat with each of them.

Punch holes

5. Taking a jump ring, open it up and slide 2 flowers onto it. Repeat with 3 more jump rings and 6 more flowers. You should have 4 jump rings that have 2 flowers each on them and 2 extra flowers.

Add jump rings

6. Taking 2 of the jump rings with the flowers, attach them together with a new jump ring, adding 1 of the extra flowers to that jump ring.

Attach Two flowers to jump rings

7. Repeat with the remaining flowers and jump rings. now all you have to do is add the hook.

Repeat with the rest

8. Using another jump ring, attach your earring hook to your earring. Repeat for your other earring.

Finished Flower Tube Earrings

What do you think of this project? Let us know!