Necklace Made From Spaghetti

Necklace Made From Spaghetti

This Jewelry making project is simple to make and originality at its best.

What you need

Faux leather o thick fabric
White Glue
Acrylic paint
Chain and clasp


Gone are the days of school room pasta necklaces – this one will hold up on any catwalk!

Draw your design on the back of the fabric.

Glue the spaghetti on top.


Once the glue is dry, cut and paint the spaghetti.

Fix the chain making small holes in the fabric and done!

Wear it!


  1. Amazing how do you know things like that it is really good.:-)

  2. nice

  3. This is a really cute project, and is suitable for young and mature alike! Thanks for posting it.

  4. This is so cute!!! Good idea!!!

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