Hungry Baby Doll – Knitted Pattern

Hungry Baby Doll – Knitted Pattern

This hungry baby knitting pattern is adorable and the baby even has his bottle with him.

What you need

Size Needles 3.50mm or Size 9
Wool 8ply in Romper & Flesh Colour

Doll Size = 25cm’s


Right leg, beginning at feet

*Using the romper colour, cast on 18 sts

P1 Row

Next Row, Inc Knit wise into every st -36sts
Beginning with P Row st-st 5 rows*

Shape foot

K2 (K2 Tog) 10 times k 14 – 26 sts
P1 Row
K2 (K2 Tog) 6 times K 12-20 sts
St-St 19 rows
Break off yearn and leave on spare needle.

Left Leg

Same as right from *-*

Shape foot

K 14 (K2 Tog) 10 times K2-26sts
P 1 Row
K12 (K2 Tog) 6 times K2-20sts
St-St 19 rows
Knit across stitches on right leg = 40 sts
St-st 20 rows

Shape Shoulders

K6 (K2 tog) 5 times K8 (K2 Tog) 5 times K6
St-st 5 Rows

Change to flesh colour
(K1 inc in next 2 sts) to send 50 sts
St-st 23 Rows

Shape top of head

K2 (k2 Tog K2) to end – 38sts
P1 Row
K2 (K2 Tog K1) to end – 26sts
P2 Tog to end – 13 sts

Break off and thread yarn through stitches.

Arms (make 2)

Beginning at hand
Using flesh colour cast on 8 sts
P 1 Row
Inc Knit Wise into every stitch -16 sts
Beginning with a Purl Row st-st 5 Rows
Change to romper colour
St-st 12 rows

Shape Top

Decrease 1 st at each end of next 7 Rows – 2sts
Break off and thread yarn through stitches.

Neck strip

Cast on 50 sts
Cast off

Baby Bottle

With white cast on 10 sts
Inc Knit wise into every st – 20 sts
K1 Row
Beginning with a K row st-st 16 Rows
Change to contrast colour Garter st 2 Rows
Change to teat colour st-st 2 rows
K2 Tog to End
P2 Tog to End

Break off and thread yarn through stitches.


  1. Cathryn Cousins says

    I’m stuck! Just about to start the head and I don’t understand the instruction. K Inc in next 2 st to send 50 St’s?

  2. The instructions could be better and it would be nice to have some make up instructions too. I was not sure how the head should be finished so I made a little bobble hat for mine. It looks really cute.

  3. very cute

  4. Very cute, BTW i love the new craftbits site. But it seems alot of links are mssing.

  5. easy

  6. I thought that great free knit pattern. easy

  7. Instructions little bit vague, needs to show ‘how to make up’ too.

  8. Just finished making this, it is so adorable !! Thank you for your free pattern.

  9. cute project but directions should be better, seems vague!

  10. i really lkove this one
    very cute and my kids love playing with these

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