Necklace Needle Holder

Necklace Needle Holder

Make your own needle holder with your own pictures or designs. Great for those doing embroidery and cross stitch.

What you need

2 pieces of magnet cut or punched in heart shape(old magnet business cards work)
1 picture or design cut or punched in heart shape
1 piece of card stock in heart shape(color to match picture)
2 jump rings 5/16″ diameter(like a small key ring)
1 chain or decorative cord
Double Stick Tape(not required if peel and stick magnet material is used)


1. Cut 2 heart shape magnets using punch or scissors.

2. Cut or punch heart shape with a picture or design you like(works best if on card stock).

3. Cut or punch heart shaped piece of color coordinated card stock.

4. Attach the picture and card stock hearts to the 2 magnet hearts(glue,tape, or peel & stick)

5. Laminate the 2 card stock surfaces with clear packing tape and trim excess tape.

6. Lay the front picture heart assembly on top of the card stock heart assembly with magnets face to face.

7. Using hole punch 1/16″ or larger, punch 2 hole in the 2 facing heart assemblies as in the photo.

8. Using pliers insert the 2 jump rings into the 2 punched holes joining the assemblies together.

9. Thread a chain or decorative cord through the 2 jump rings as in photo.

10. Now you have a heart shape needle holder you wear like a necklace, that flips open to hold needles as in photo.

Necklace Needle Holder

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