DIY Necklace – Chunky Resin

DIY Necklace – Chunky Resin

This jewelry making project shows you how to hack or upcycle store bought jewelry pieces into unique necklaces.

What you need

Store Bought Necklace and Resin Bangle


You will need a large beaded resin necklace (usually around $5) and a Resin bangle.

Start by cutting the necklace and removing the beads you wish to use. I used the string from the store bought necklace but you can use jewelry cord, wire or fishing line if you like.

Thread a large bead onto the center of the cord (20 inch long). Add a few beads as shown and tie off the bottom with a knot and cut off the string.



Now tie the bangle onto the necklace as shown and continue to thread your beads from this point onwards onto each separate side of the string/cord.

When it has reached your desired length tie the ends together and cut off any excess cord.

You’re finished.


  1. Ummm a bit TOO chunky.

  2. the earings are cute

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