Necklace – Chandelier

Necklace – Chandelier

Make this amazing cascade DIY Chandelier necklace for a low sweater.

What you need

Clear acrylic beads in various geometric patterns
Crystal beads
Eye pins
Jump rings
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutter



Step 1: make base necklace

1st, make simple crystal links with pliers;

2nd, hook them with different acrylic shapes;

3rd, decide length and the base necklace is done.

Step 2: attach chandelier part

1st, use jump rings to connect crystal link with square bead links together;

2nd, attach this strand to base necklace at the bottom place.

Step 3: lower the bottom links

1st, prepare some diamond shaped acrylics;

2nd, attach them respectively to bottom links.


Unique-mother_s-day-gifts---Chandelier-mom-necklaces5 Unique_mother_s_day_gifts_-_Chandelier_mom_necklaces3

Submitted by Pandahall


  1. What a beautiful necklace

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