Necklace Cabochon Bib

Necklace Cabochon Bib

Create this stunning Cabochon necklace on plastic canvas for a unique jewelry piece.

What you need

Plastic canvas
Black satin ribbon
0.5mm copper wire
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter


Step 1: Cut a canvas circle as the bib of necklace.

1st, trace against the round edge of a plate to create an outside circle on canvas;

2nd, create an inside circle with leaving a 3 or 4cm gap;

3rd, cut off the canvas circle bib and make a slit at one side..


Step 2: glue cabochon decors onto bib

1st, drip enough glue to each cabochon’s back and press it hard onto bib;

2nd, let them dry and continue gluing more;


3rd, wrap wire around the whole bib and tuck end into canvas.


Step 3: Finish the bib necklace.

1st, snip a piece of ribbon, long enough for neck size and bowknot making;

2nd, glue both ends to canvas bib.

Submitted by Pandahall


  1. Verrrrry creative!

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