Napkin Decoupage Unicorn Mason Jar

Napkin Decoupage Unicorn Mason Jar

This tutorial shows you how to take printed paper napkins and decoupage them onto mason jars for a decorative Unicorn jar.

What you need

2-3 Large Mason Jars (pint size)

Mod Podge

2-3 Unicorn Paper Napkins (I used these ones from Etsy) You can also use these.

White acrylic paint


Clean your mason jars and dry them completely.



Paint each mason jar white and allow the paint to dry completely. This does not need to be a perfect coat, just a white background because the napkins are quite thin.


Place a coat of mod podge over the mason jar then immediately place the napkin over the mod podge, taking care to limit the amount of air bubbles or wrinkles in the napkin surface.

Immediately brush a thin coat of mod podge over the surface of the napkin.

Allow this coat of mod podge to dry completely and enjoy!


What do you think of this project? Let us know!