Nail Stamping

Nail Stamping

In some very simple steps, learn this clever technique to nail stamping!

What you need

Nail stamping plates
two shades of nail polish
clear nail polish
cotton pads
nail polish remover


Start with clean, trimmed, filed nails, without or without a clear base coat – your call. Paint one to two thin layers of the lighter colored polish on each nail. Allow it to dry completely.

Select the disc with your design of choice on it. Be sure to peel the protective plastic film off before you try to use it.

Place your disc onto the little plate holder. This isn’t essential, but it really keeps the mess down. Really.

Turn the disc so that your design face inward. Paint a fairly heavy layer of polish onto that design only..

Use the scraper to swipe the excess polish off the disc and onto the space on the plate holder. Don’t worry about making a mess. You can always wipe the goop off with remover later. It’s important to do the next few steps quickly so that the polish doesn’t dry. You don’t have to buy the scraper, but don’t use a razor blade. It’s too sharp. Use an old gift card or credit card instead. 

Take the end of your stamper, and begin to lay it down at the side of the design on the disc. Using very firm pressure, roll it across the design. It will pick up the polish in the depression of the design as you go.

If you’ve done this properly and not waited too long, the stamper will have picked up your entire design. This takes some practice – trust me. Don’t worry if you don’t get the whole thing the first few times.

Quickly take the stamper and place it at the edge of a fingernail, being sure that the bottom of the image is lined up with the base of your nail. Start with a smaller fingernail, like your pinkie, since you’ll have a bigger margin for error there. Pressing firmly, roll the stamper across your nail the same way you rolled it to pick the image up in the first place. It should leave behind the design, with nothing left of the stamper. Your first few times will probably leave some extra on the stamper. No worries – onto the next step!


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