Mummy Treat Cup

Mummy Treat Cup

This quick halloween kids craft project shows you how to make a treat cup container that looks like a mummy. These cups are so easy to make that my 2 year old helped me create it.

What you need

White plastic cups
Paper kitchen towel
craft glue
marker pen


You or your kids could literally make 100’s of these in no time at all making them perfect for distributing candy at parties.

Glue the Cup

Start by taking your plastic white cup and coating it in craft glue.

Tear strips of paper towel and wrap them around the cup as shown.

Add Paper Towel

Don’t be too neat as the more torn, folded and creased you make them, the better they look.

Once the paper towel has dried, finish the cup off by drawing on the face. You could also add wobble eyes for a wobbly effect.


  1. pretty cool

  2. easy!!

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