Mr Tequila Shot Glasses

Mr Tequila Shot Glasses

These Mr Tequila shot glasses are great fun to make and are perfect for Christmas gifts or tequila parties!

What you need

Poly clay in selected colors
1 color for top
1 color for pants
1 color for hat
1 color for scarf
flesh color for hands
Glass cleaner
Shot glasses


There is no pattern for this project only your own creativity to guide you.

Start by making the hat, use the picture as a guide for the shape of the Mexican hat.

Add a coloured band around the hat if you like.

Roll out the colors for your man’s clothing and using a knife cut out the shape of a shirt and pants as well as a long rectangle for the scarf.

Using different colors for each item of clothing which helps to distinguish your little man.

You will need some hands, and a pair of shoes also.

Embellish your scarf, hat or clothes with offcuts of clay or even use different objects to create texture to his cloths, such as pressing a cloth onto the shirt.

Clean the shot glass with glass cleaning before pressing the clay onto the glass but be careful where your finger smudge marks go as sometimes they are visible after baking. So clean up the glass again just before baking it.

Bake the clay as per the instructions on your clay packet depending on what brand you are using.

Once they are baked allow to cool and coat with some clay varnish to finish them off.

I gave a set of 6 of these to a friend with a bottle of tequila for a house-warming party and placed all the items into a big Mexican hat which I taped to some heavy cardboard for stability and then filled the rim with straw. I then decoratively placed my items around the hat.

This way the hat not only acts as a basket the host can wear it at the party or you can place it on the table filled with chips!! Great fun.


  1. sweet idea…where can i buy em…

  2. very cute.

  3. If you guys are so offended, just make this craft onto a mug instead, and call it the Mexican Coffee Mug. Better, no offensiveness. Everyone likes coffee, right?

  4. I’m Mexican too and if you can’t joke about yourself, life is just too boring. I love tequila and my family does too. I just made some with the little man’s pants down, so his booty shows. My friend has some with the little man peeing! I love these!

  5. very cute and unique! kudos to whoever thought of this idea=)

  6. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    I think this is a crazy discussion getting out of hand, Firstly It is just a craft project. Secondly where does tequila come from ? No one is implying that Mexicans are drunks or drink tequila. I will not be removing this project.

  7. “do it with any other ethnic stereotype and people would be offended”? You think this doesn’t offend mexicans? How about I tell you that I know for a fact it does, because I’m mexican and it offends me. Will it stop ppl from making and/or using these?

  8. with all due repsect (i love this site!!) – i’m sorry, i’m so tired of seeing the sombrero man! and stuck to a tequila glass…do it with any other ethnic stereotype and people would be offended. just a thought 🙂 peace, love and glitter, kathy 🙂

  9. HA! I love it : )
    Coolest idea ever…
    If only i wasn’t so lazy ; )

  10. truleelee says

    Cute, and you could do other kinds, too.

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