Kitsch Toilet Roll Cover

Kitsch Toilet Roll Cover

It's kitschy, it's old, and it's got that vintage feel to it!

What you need

Quilted fabric
bias binding
piping cord


A cm seam allowance has been included in measurements.

Cut side piece 42 cm x 13 cm and a top circle with a 14 cm diameter.

Sew short ends of the side together. Right sides together and stitch.

Pin top to one end of the side, placing the piping and cord tape between each piece, right sides together and sew.

Sew lace around the other end of side.

Press seam allowance up to the wrong side and stitch a strip of bias binding over seam allowance on the right side.

Decorate top with a bow made from bias tape.


  1. okay…

  2. I have lots of christmas fabric I can use to make the toilet roll cover. What a great idea for giving the bathroom a Holiday look…

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