Mimosa Body Souffle

Mimosa Body Souffle

This souffle sounds like a recipe for your tummy! It's filled with nutrient rich ingredients to repair and refresh your skin. The whipping technique gives it a souffle effect making it light and fluffy.

What you need

1 oz (30g) Cocoa Butter
3 oz (85-90g) Shea Butter
2 oz (60g) Rice Bran Oil
2 oz (60g) Jojoba Oil
1 tbs Vegetable Glycerin
1/8 tsp GSE
1/2 to 1 1/2 oz Natrasorb (acts as a degreaser if souffle is too oily) also optional


Melt cocoa and shea butters over low heat. When butters are melted remove from heat and stir in your other oils and GSE.

Put your bowl with this mixture in your freezer until a white crust begins to form along sides of bowl (this crust is your fats hardening) and the butters/oils become more opaque.

Remove from freezer and mix with an electric mixer. Once mixture becomes creamy and fluffy add in your vegetable glycerin while mixing on low speed. Add in natrasorb and mix again.

After all ingredients are mixed in thoroughly add your Mimosa fragrant oil.

The main key to this recipe is mixing. Mix well to incorporate air into the souffle so that it will be light and fluffy.

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