Marshmallow Throw Game

Marshmallow Throw Game

Objective: Safe release of aggression, interactive social contact with others and Hand/Eye coordination

What you need

Marshmallows -10 for each participant.
Plastic bowl for each participant


Start by taking the marshmallows and coating them in some flour, this prevents them getting sticky.

Seat everyone in a circle and give them each a bowl with their marshmallows.

With a certain time allotted and some music playing they must throw their marshmallows into each others bowls, the person with the least marshmallows at the end of the game wins.


  1. awesome!!!! Can try!!!

  2. Great group idea for adults or kids.

  3. In order to be used in a long term facility, I altered this activity in this way:
    Put participants in a circle, placed a hula hoop on the floor in the center, gave each participant a bowl of initialed marshmallows to throw into the ring. the one with the most marshmallows in ring is the winner. Ring can also be held up for participants to throw through.

  4. Sounds like fun!

  5. I think this a great idea for working with dementia patients

  6. I am going to use this at my mom’s assisted living res. AND in my 7ht grade boys Sunday School class. Cheap and no prep!!! Thanks!

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