Hexagon Felt Coaster

Hexagon Felt Coaster

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a easy felt coaster. It's really colorful and looks really good. The material used in this tutorial isn't really costly.

What you need

1. Felt.
2. Scissors.
3. Thread and Needle.
4. Embroidery hoop
5. Fabric Glue.
6. Iron on fabric.



Take any three colors of felts of your choice. I’ve taken yellow, light blue and green.

Cut out a hexagon shaped template for your pieces. Then use the template to cut out the felt pieces.

Yellow – 6 Pieces.

Blue – 6 Pieces and

Green – 7 pieces.


Take a green piece of felt and place it on the middle of the fabric you’re going to use, and sew it there. Place rest of the pieces according to the picture and sew them there.


After sewing all the pieces cut out the fabric according to the edges of the pieces. Then put an iron on fabric on the bottom to cover and secure the stitches.


Then get a thicker piece of felt or foam sheet and use fabric glue to glue the coaster over it. Then again cut it out like you did previously.

And there you go the coaster is ready.


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