Make a Simple Leather Clutch

Make a Simple Leather Clutch

Instead of buying simple leather purses, buy leather and make your own purse. Here’s a tutorial on how to make simple leather purse in 4 easy steps. It turns out really chic, give it a try.

What you need

Materials Needed:
1. Leather (thin)
2. Tapestry needle and wax thread
3. Scissors
4. Ruler and pen


Step-1: To make this purse you’ll need to cut out 3 pieces of leather, 1 piece for the entire purse and 2 strips for the closure. The size of these pieces would depend on your choice. But keep one thing in mind while cutting the strips, the length of the strips should be 1.5 times the width of the purse. For the main piece (entire purse) I kept 4 inches for each front and back side and 3.5 for the flap.


Step-2: Fold up the front and back side equally, keeping the 3.5 inches (flap) intact. Use a pen and a ruler to mark stitching pints along the sides of the folded piece. I marked each 1 cm along the side.


Step-3: Place the strips diagonally by forming a cross. Make sure they cross the sides of the purse and also overlap 1 or 2 stitching pints on both sides. Cut off extra of the strips by leveling them with the purse.


Step-4: Prepare needle and thread. Start stitching from a side. I did flat blanket stitch for the sides but you can also do running stitch. Similarly stitch the other side of the purse. Make sure to tie 2-3 tight knots once you’re done stitching. You also need to cut 2 thin strips from both sides of the flap. Done!

Now fold the flap of the purse and insert it   through the criss-cross strips to close the purse.

You can use this leather purse to keep your important ID card and stuffs.

Happy crating!


  1. Question, what were the dimension of the clutch in picture and what degrees for the angle on the fold over flap

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