Knitted Christmas Tree Beanie

Knitted Christmas Tree Beanie

Perfect for this Christmas, make this beanie for a family member. It's a perfect tree to have on your head!

What you need

1 skein of Green
Small amount of brown
needle #8


Use about a number 8 and this can be knit flat or on circulars.

Well, it’s Cast on 80 with brown, knit 2 purl 2 ribbing for 6-8 rows.

Switch to green and purl 6 rows, then knit 4 rows twice.

After that you decrease 7 stitches each time you change to the knit stitches. If you want yours a bit shorter than mine, you can decrease on the first row of the purl, too, and it’ll draw in sooner.

After you have 7 purl rows knit 4 rows and purl 10 for the last rows. Run the gather string through the remaining stitches, pull up tight and tie off.

I decorated mine using beads with a metallic (or glass-like) finish that I bought at Wal-mart. They shine but it doesn’t show in the picture.

I stitched them on with green yarn (they have a big hole), just using a running stitch inside the hat.

This Project was contributed by Hazel Check out hazels website Hazel Rose Looms


  1. Two questions: Then purling 6 rows then knitting 4 rows does the twice mean 4 knitting rows twice or( 6 purling and 4 knitting) twice ?
    Is the decrease 7 stitches mean each time you start a knit row?
    “AFter you have 7 purl rows knit” Does this mean 7 individual rows of purl or does that mean that 6 rows of purl if one complete section so you’re knitting actually 36 individuals rows before you do the last section of the hat? Hope you can understand my question? Thanks Kathy

  2. Do you have a pattern for a baby Santa hat or the Christmas tree hat for an infant?

  3. what do you mean who puts a hat on a tree? this is for PEOPLE! DUH heres your sign.

  4. i agree who doesnt know a beanie is a hat for people?! its SUPPOSED to look like a xmas tree!!!!

  5. this is confusing!!!

  6. Don’t be so negative! it looks cool!!!

  7. pinkygirl375 says

    this is very cute. i made one for my little four-year-okd cousin, and it was the cuteset thing i have ever made!!! =D

  8. I think this is very cute, Thank you!!

  9. Are you stupid or what, guest? This hat IS for people!!!!!!!!! Come on, any person born with a brain would know a beanie is a type of hat for humans. Cute pattern, love it! 🙂

  10. Who the heck puts a hat on a tree? How stupid can you get!? Hats are for people, stars are for trees.

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