Make a Glittery Bat Hair Clip

Make a Glittery Bat Hair Clip

Making your own accessories is definitely fun and you can get all crafty-creative and make something unique. Follow this tutorial and make these glittery bat hair clips in no time!

What you need

To make these bat clips you will need:

1) Cardstock,
2) Bat template,
3) Pencil.
4) Scissors,
5) Craft glue,
6) Glitter powder,
7) Hair clip.


bat clip (1)

Step-1: Place the template on the black cardstock and trace around the sides with the help of a pencil. Cut out the bat patterns from the cardstock.

bat clip (2)

Step-2: Take the white glue tube and carefully draw thin outlines along the sides of the cutout bat. First trace lines on the wings. Fill the body part with white glue. Allow the glue to dry for a while, this might take an hour.

bat clip (3)

Step-3: After the glue dries apply a thin layer of white glue all over the bat. Place the bat carefully on a piece of paper. Sprinkle dry glitter powder on the bat. Allow the glue to dry for a while. Remove extra glitter with a small brush.

bat clip (4)

Step-4: Attach a blank hair clip on the back side of the bat. The clips are ready! Wear them and enjoy!

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