Make a Fox Plushie Soft Toy

Make a Fox Plushie Soft Toy

Foxes are extremely popular right now! Why not make this cute fox plush with our free pattern and instructions? It is very easy to make!

What you need

Felt in red, orange, black, white, & grey, sewing machine, needle & thread, 2 black buttons, stuffing


1. Cut out all of your pieces. You will need 2 8″x12″ rectangles from red felt for the body, 1 6″x4″ half oval for the belly, and the rest of the pieces, cut out from the pattern. Here is the Fox plushie pattern.

fox plush (3)

2. Pin the face and the belly to the front body piece of your fox. I placed the face about 1.5″ from the top edge. Stitch the pieces down onto the body by sewing around the edges.

fox plush (4)

3. Pin the nose and cheeks down onto the face, stitching around the edges like you did the face and belly.

fox plush (5)

4. Place the 2 buttons equally spaced on the face and stitch them down onto the body to secure them.

fox plush (6)

For the ears –

5. Place the smallest ear piece( black) on top of the 1 red ear pieces. Sew across the bottom of the black piece to stitch them together. Place the white triangle on top, lining up the bottom with the bottom of the red triangle and stitch around the 2 top edges as pictured below. Repeat with the other ear.

fox plush (7)

6. Use the 2 extra red pieces, placing them right sides together with the ear pieces you just finished sewing. Pin them together and stitch around the top 2 edges, leaving the bottom open.

fox plush (8)

7. Flip right side out.

fox plush (9)

For the tail-

8. Using the 2 felt tail pieces, place them right sides together, pin them and stitch around the edges with a 1/4″ seam allowance,  leaving the skinny bottom end open, as seen below.

fox plush (10)

9. Flip right side out through the opening you left and stuff it through that same opening. You want to stuff it until it’s firm.

fox plush (12)

10. Now it’s time to put your fox together. Pin the ears face down to the top of your fox body.

Pin the tail to the bottom right edge, as pictured below.

fox plush (13)

11. Place the back body piece right side down on top, pinning them together.

fox plush (14)

12. Sew around the 2 sides and the top, leaving the bottom edge open.

fox plush (15)

13. Flip right side out and stuff. You want him pretty firm, like the tail.

fox plush (16) fox plush (18)

14. Using either your sewing machine OR a needle and thread, stitch the bottom opening closed.

fox plush (2)


  1. This is so cute, I love foxes and other small animals. super Cute! Thank you

  2. Here’s mine!

  3. very cute! any way I can download the instructions?

    • Vikram Goyal says

      Irene – the instructions are all on this page. You can download them by logging in and selecting print.

  4. Miss Manitas says

    Cute toy!!!

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