Make 4th of July Inspired Recycled Shaker Box

Make 4th of July Inspired Recycled Shaker Box

Using toilet paper rolls, try making these eco-friendly shaker boxes! These have a patriotic, 4th of July theme and will make for great decoration!

What you need

Toilet paper roll, X-acto knife, ruler and pencil, foam sheet, cardboard, scissors, cardstock and hot glue.


box step-1

Step-1: Use a transparent ruler and pencil to measure and mark where to cut the toilet paper roll. The height of the box can be between 2-3 inches and the lids’ height should be less then an inch. After marking the roll, use an x-acto knife to cut them as neatly as possible.

box step-2

Step-2: Cut 2 circles from a thick brown cardstock to complete the lid and the box. Trace around the roll to measure the size of the circles. Glue them with the lid and box. For the box, closed end will be the bottom and for the lid, closed end will be the top.

box step-3

Step-3: Cut another long strip of cardstock. The width of this piece should be the sum of both box and lids’ height. Roll it and glue it inside the box as shown in the picture of this step. Make sure to glue it nicely otherwise the lid might not fit.

box step-4

Step-4: You can decorate the box as you want but since this is a 4th of July inspired craft I made striped and star foam stamps. Simply cut the foam into any shape you want and glue them on a piece of cardboard. Stamp on and decorate the box. Enjoy!


  1. Jskrahlingpot says

    I was thinking about it but if we could get it to be completed in this with cork to become shakers too with Modge Podge too!

  2. cece cole says

    I like the vintage feel these have.

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