DIY Magnetic Invitations

DIY Magnetic Invitations

You can create quick and easy invitations that your friends and family can stick to the fridge so as not to forget the date of your special day.

What you need

Felt tip pens


You can print out your invitations using a printer and then cut them out to stick to the magnet.

Cover one side of your magnet with a square of plywood the same size as your invitation for support.

Then glue the card to the plywood and let your imagination run free.

Alternatively use a heavy card stock and glue the magnet directly to the back of the printed card.


  1. wow! this is a great idea indeed. simple yet useful. Thanks for sharing! Keep posting more stuff on fridge magnets please. 🙂

  2. You can also just go to Staples, buy full size magnet paper, print any number of the magnets on a page, cut them out and there you have it!

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