Magnetic Counting Dominos

Magnetic Counting Dominos

This tutorial shows you how to make Domino magnets to help kids learn how to count.

What you need

12 wooden dominos
Acrylic paint and paintbrushes (Optional)
12 magnets (10mm or larger)
Adhesive that will hold 3-D elements such as E6000 or Gorilla Glue
A small canning jar with disc and ring
A round piece of fabric to decorate the top of the jar


1) You can purchase brightly color magnet sets or recycle an old domino set that is missing pieces. You will only need pieces that have from one to twelve dots on them. If you have an old set that is not brightly colored you can easily paint each piece whatever color you like using two coats of acrylic paint. If your pieces do not have the right numbers of dots you can paint them on using a small detail brush and white acrylic paint.

2) Once you have your dominos ready you can glue a magnet on the back of each one.

3) Allow your magnets to dry for 24 hours. The set is now ready to be played with. These sets make nice gifts package in small canning jars. To decorate, cut a round piece of fabric at least 2.5 cm larger than the canning lid, using pinking shears, to prevent fraying. Insert the fabric between the disc and the ring and hold onto the edges with one hand while securing the ring. You can also attach a small card explaining the set.


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